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Red Rock canyon via rocky gap trail.                                              

 8am and 12am Tours is for 4.5 hours includes hotel pick up.

Rock Gap Trail Via Red Rock Canyon.

Trail - Rating 3

8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and Noon to 4:30 PM

From your Hotel we'll head West towards the south end of Red Rock Canyon climb about 3000 feet up Mt Potosi and pass through the small town of Mountain Springs  at around 5400 feet where temperatures are around 15 degrees cooler than Vegas. Shortly past the crest we'll head up Lovell Canyon a remote part of the Spring Mountains that few people know about that is located on the Toiyabe National Forest. This is where High Desert meet Forest from tumble weeds to Joshua and Juniper trees. 

From there we hit Rock Gap Trail Head deflate our tires to improve our traction and also gives us a smoother ride.  We'll lock it in to four wheel drive and continue on the 4 to 4.5 hour adventure. This is a great trail for getting out and seeing the sights with some difficult spots along the way. We'll navigate through Rock Garden and the Gravel pit two of the more difficult spots on the trail that are great areas to get yourself in action with photos or video.  This 4X4 recommend trail brings you to the back side of Red Rock Canyon, Arguably the most beautiful area in Nevada. Keep your eyes open for bighorn sheep, wild burros, Deer, Fox, and Coyotes that are sometimes in the area. 

With the beautiful Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, and only minutes from the Strip, the scenery is a huge plus on top of the great off roading the trail provides, it's so dramatic it’s often selected as the backdrop for movies and commercials. 

We get back on the pavement along the 13 mile scenic drive close to Ice Box Canyon and Wilson Cliffs, part of the 65-millon-year-old Keystone Thrust. Numerous geological features abound, including the fossilized sand dunes of the brilliantly colored Calico Hills. 

This Magnificent tour offers diverse vegetation, beautiful desert wildflowers, ancient Native American Pictographs, is one you’ll remember for a life time.